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Business Research

Finding Product Reviews

You can find product reviews in the following databases:

Product reviews can also be found on the free web.

Click on the links above to learn how to find product reviews in each of the sources listed.

ABI/INFORM Collection

Login to ABI/INFORM Collection.

Enter a product name or category in the search box (e.g., "iphone 14", or "smart TV*" OR "smart television*") and scroll down the page. In the "Document Type" section, select "Product Review."

Business Source Ultimate

Login to Business Source Ultimate.

Enter a product name or category in the search box (e.g., "playstation 5", or "washing machine*") and scroll down the page. In the “Document type:” section, check the box next to “Review.”

Reviews from Consumer Reports, a publication produced by an independent nonprofit member organization that tests and reviews a variety of consumer products, are available from Business Source Ultimate.

Reviews (in full text from 1991 to the present) are available from the following link:
Consumer Reports product reviews

To search for reviews of a particular type of product, enter its name into one of the blank search boxes on the page.

Gale Business: Insights

Login to Gale Business: Insights.

Click on the Advanced Search link below the search box toward the top of the database’s home page. On the Advanced Search page, enter the name or category of a product into the search box (e.g., "ford focus", or "laundry detergent*") and scroll down the page. Use the drop-down menu in the “by document type:” section to select “Product/service evaluation.”

Finding Product Reviews on the Free Web

You can use Google, Bing, etc. to search for product reviews. Enter the name of a product followed by reviews -- for example:

"playstation 5" reviews

Online shopping websites such as can also be used to find product reviews.

Keep in mind, though, that customers’ reviews can be biased; good reviews can be purchased, and bad reviews may have come from a reviewer with a hidden agenda. When possible, then, you should focus on finding independent reviews from professional reviewers.