UMGC Library

Business Research: Product Reviews

Finding Product Reviews

Use UMGC library database Business Source Complete to find product reviews.

Business Source Complete

Login to the Business Source Complete database with the same user name and password you use for your online classes or MyUMGC.

Type in name of product in the first text box

Product name

Limit your search to reviews in the second text box.

Type commercial products -- evaluation. Then at Select a Field (optional) use the drop down menu and select the field SU Subject Terms

Limiting your search to product reviews

What you are doing:
You are telling the database to search only for articles that evaluate the product.

Product evaluations

Opening and reading articles

Click HTML or PDF below the database record to open the full text.

What you are doing:
By clicking HTML or PDF you are going directly to the full text of the article. If you clicked the title of the article instead, you would be taken to a page with more information about the article rather than the article itself. This could include useful information like a summary, subject terms for the main concepts in the article, or the credentials of the author, etc. Google and other search engines do not generally supply this type of information, but library databases do.