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Business Research

Using Hoovers to Create Company Lists

You can use the Hoovers database to create lists of companies based on a variety of criteria.

Once you enter Hoovers from the A-Z List of databases on the library homepage, click on Build a Company List:

Build a Company List

You'll then be brought to a page that will allow you to create a list of companies based on criteria that you choose, such as location, size industry type, etc.:


For example, say you're interested in companies in the computer software manufacturing industry located in California. Type in the location in the appropriate box:


Next, choose the appropriate industry type after clicking the “Browse” button in the industry section of the database and click the “Submit” button:


A list of companies based on the entered criteria will appear:

List of companies

You can focus your results easily by adding additional criteria:

Additional criteria

For additional help you can click on Support at the top right of the database page: