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Business Research

Finding a Company's Mission Statement

A company's mission statement briefly explains the company's purpose, goals, and/or strategy. The mission statement is intended to communicate a sense of intended direction and to help guide the company's actions.

Mission statements can be found using the following:

Click on the links above to learn how to find company mission statements in each of the sources listed.

Finding Mission Statements on the Free Web

The best place to find a company's mission statement will usually be the company's own website. Try using a search engine such as Google or Bing and search for the company's name and the phrase mission statement -- for example:

starbucks "mission statement"

Finding Mission Statements in UMGC Library Databases

You may also be able to find a company's mission statement and/or information about the company's mission by searching in UMGC Library business databases such as ABI/INFORM Complete and Business Source Ultimate. Search for the company's name and AND it with the phrase mission statement and/or with other similar terms -- for example:

starbucks AND ("mission statement" OR "vision statement" OR "company mission" OR "corporate mission" OR "corporate purpose")

Finding Mission Statements in Ebooks

You will probably not find information about a particular company's mission statement in the UMGC Library's ebooks, but you can find information about what mission statements are and/or how to write them by entering the following in the search box on the Ebooks tab on the Library's home page:

"mission statement*" OR "vision statement*"