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Business Research

Finding a Company's Products/Brands

You can find company overviews/profiles in the following databases:

Click on the links above to learn how to find a company's products/brands in each of the sources listed.

Note that companies' websites can also be a good source of information about the products/brands that the company offers. This information may appear on pages titled "About us" or "Our products," etc.

Business Source Ultimate

Login to Business Source Ultimate.

Click on the More link from the blue menu bar toward the top left-hand corner of the database’s home page and then click on Company Profiles from the resulting drop-down menu.

You can then enter a company’s name in the search box or browse to find its MarketLine or Medtrack profile.

Profiles will generally include a section titled "Major Products & Services" or something similar.

Gale Business: Insights

Login to Gale Business: Insights.

Click on the Browse All Companies button, enter a company's name in the search box, and then click on the company's name on the search results page.

On the Company Profile page, you may see a Brands link in the "Company Overview" section of the page.

Nexis Uni

Login to Nexis Uni.

Click on the Menu link in the upper left-hand corner of the database’s home page and then on Company Dossier.

Enter a company’s name in the "Company name" search box and click on its name on the results page.

Brand information can be found by clicking on the Company Information link on the left-hand side of the company snapshot page and then on the Brands link from the resulting sub-menu.


Login to Statista.

Click on the Reports link from the menu toward the top of the page and then on Companies & Products reports from the resulting sub-menu.

Use the search box on the Companies & Products page to search for a company by name. Search results may include one or more reports that discuss the company's products/brands.