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APA 7th Edition Citation Examples

Executive Orders - Parts of the Reference

Reference list citation

Exec. Order No. 13,676, 3 C.F.R. 294 (2014).

In-text citation:

(Exec. Order No. 13,676, 2014)

Most executive order APA citations have these basic elements:

  1. Order number
  2. Volume number and name of the code in which the order appears (e.g., executive orders always in appear in 3 C.F.R.)
  3. Page number
  4. Year that the order was promulgated
  5. URL

Parts of the Reference

Order number

Exec. Order No. 13,676,

Volume Number & Name of Code

3 C.F.R. 

Page number


Year Order was Promulgated




See The University of Akron's Bluebook Quick Reference: Abbreviations and How-tos for help with abbreviations​.

More info

See Publication Manual, 11.7