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UCSP 605 and ASC 601: Articles by Discipline: How to Find the Articles

Using OneSearch to find articles

When you already have the title of an article you are looking for, you can use OneSearch to search for the article (as long as it is in a database that OneSearch includes). For this class, all of the articles listed for each discipline can be found using OneSearch.

Suppose you are looking for the following article:

Brown, A., & Martin, R. (2020). Pedagogy and evaluation: The challenge for business and management degree courses in the 21st century. Electronic Journal of Business Research Methods, 18(2), 84-99.

To find this article, go to the Library home page and click "Advanced Search" under the OneSearch search box.

onesearch box with advanced search link in red box

In the first search box type the article title. In the second search box type one of the author's last names, and change the drop down box to "author."

onesearch advanced search with article title and author

Click "Search" and your article should appear within the first few sets of results.

onesearch search results showing article found

Once you locate the article, click the link for the "PDF" to view the full text of the article.

Sometimes the article will be located in a database outside of the OneSearch EBSCO platform. If this happens, click the link to go to the external database, and find the PDF button.

onesearch article result showing link out to acm digital library

image of original article in acm database

If you are unable to locate your article after trying the tips on this page, please Ask a Librarian!