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MLA Citation Examples

Course materials created or adapted by UMGC


  1. Author. (if there is an individual author)
  2. "Title of Classroom Material."
  3. Course Code,
  4. taught by Instructor.
  5. D2L, UMGC,
  6. Publication Date,
  7. URL.


Author. "Title of Classroom Material." Course Code, taught by Instructor. D2L, UMGC, date, URL.

“Week 1 - All About Myth.” HUMN 351 6863, taught by Robert McMillan. D2L, UMGC, 2020,

Course reading not authored by UMGC

See the appropriate section depending on the format of the reading:

Encyclopedia article
Journal article

Discussion posts

If in your Discussion post you quote, paraphrase, or summarize your course module or course readings or other material you researched from the library or the Web or a print source, give an in-text citation AND a reference list citation at the end of your Discussion post in the same manner as you would within a research paper.

If you mention or refer to another student's entry/response in a Discussion post then do not cite it but simply mention the other student's entry in your sentence. Example: I agree with Susan Day (Discussion Post October 30, 2018) where she lists specific state legislatures that supported the Affordable Care Act.