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Library Services for Faculty

What are eReserves?

eReserve materials are required course readings, typically journal articles or book chapters, that are not otherwise available in the library's online databases or on the web.  Due to the potentially high cost of eReserve items, each request is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. If approved, the Library obtains these readings, clears copyright, and makes them available to students through the UMGC online classroom, where they can be viewed, downloaded and printed. Only students enrolled in the course and the teaching faculty will be able to access eReserve readings.

How are items placed in eReserves?

eReserve requests must come from the Integrative Learning Design (ILD) team. If you are unsure of the ILD partner for your team, please see their Source page, or contact your Library Liaison. The ILD partner may contact eReserves to request that a journal article or book chapter (that is not otherwise available in the library databases or on the free web) be made available for use in the classroom. For courses with multiple sections, eReserve requests will only be accepted that apply to ALL sections.  

The Library will try to obtain the reading, clear copyright, and provide you with a permalink to place in the classroom.  The permalink should be placed in the classroom where the reading is referenced (the same as for other linked readings). 

eReserves should be reviewed by the faculty designee each semester to determine their continued usefulness in the course.

What types of materials can be placed in eReserves?

Required readings that are not otherwise available
eReserves should be a last resort for critical class readings that are not available through the extensive subscription databases and there are no OERs available. Various types of materials can be made available via eReserves, including journal articles, book chapters, lecture notes, and other course-specific materials if they are required reading for students in the course. Materials that are available in library databases or on the Web should NOT be requested as eReserves.  These materials should be linked to directly from the classroom. To get "permanent links" to library materials, please see Linking to Ebooks and Journal Articles.

Suggested criteria checklist for consideration

  • How crucial is the proposed resource to meeting the course outcomes and objectives? 

  • Is there something the Library already owns or an OER that meets the need?

  • How high is the copyright cost? (Library will determine) 

Emergency requests
Please note that sometimes a Library reading - for example, a journal article or an ebook from the library databases -  will become suddenly unavailable, due to the database vendor dropping that publication. In this case, please contact eReserves and we will try to make the item available temporarily via eReserves.  Program directors can then work with their library liaisons and ILD partners to try to find a replacement reading for subsequent semesters.    

Items that are NOT placed on eReserves

  • Audio and video
  • Entire ebooks (although specific chapters can be requested and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis)
  • Harvard case studies (although Harvard Business Review Case Studies, available in Business Source Ultimate, can be linked to from the classroom).  More information.   

What about copyright issues?

When possible, the UMGC Library will obtain copyright clearance for items that are protected by copyright. If copyright clearance cannot be obtained, and the item is being used for the first time, the item may only be used for one semester and not in subsequent semesters.

  • Items that may not need copyright permission include:
    • Items in the public domain (generally, those published before 1923 or published before 1976 without a copyright notice)
    • Items for which the faculty member holds the copyright
  • Book chapters or excerpts will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Items for which permission is denied by the rights holder may not be placed in eReserves.
  • High cost items may be denied for long-term use

Please note that eReserves have been made available solely for use in the class and the materials may not be further distributed to any person outside the class, whether by copying or by transmission in electronic or paper form.