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eReserve Help: Faculty and Program Directors

How to Request eReserves


For more about eReserves, please see the eReserves Guidelines.

To submit a request

1) To access the eReserves home screen:

In your online classroom, click Content > Course Resources > eReserves.

Program Directors:
In the online model classroom, click Content > Course Resources > eReserves

If you do not see eReserves under Content > Course Resources, please see these instructions.

Program Directors can also log in this way:
Log directly into eReserves at and under Current and Upcoming Courses, select the course for which you wish to request an eReserve reading. If there are multiple sections, click any of the sections (and you will be have the opportunity to add the reading to all of them).

Select a course

2) Click Add Reserve Items.
Click Add Reserve Items in the left navigation menu.

Add eReserve Items

3) Select what kind of item you would like to request.
You can submit a new request, such as an article, book chapter, or Web page. Or you can select to import items from another class.

Select a new item or to import an item from another class

4) For new items, fill out the request form and click Submit.
You will be prompted to select which courses should receive the item. Note that you can add tags to the item to give students a convenient way to sort the readings (for example, "Week 1").

Item information

Or, for imported items, select which items you want to import.
Note that at this time, you cannot import items into multiple sections of a class. You can only import them into one section at a time.

Import items

After You Submit Your Request

After your request has been submitted, you can do the following from the Course Home page in eReserves.

  • View the status of your request.
    On the eReserves Course Home page, the processing status of your request will appear and you will be able to see whether it has become available in the classroom.
  • Subscribe to notifications.
    Click Subscribe if you want to receive an automatic notification when readings becomes available in the classroom.
  • Edit the request.
    Click the title of the item if you wish to edit or delete the request, or add notes or tags to the item. (Once a reading becomes available, it cannot be edited, but you can still tags.)
  • Switch to Student View.
    This will show you the view of the course reserve readings that your students see.

Course home page in eReserves

NOTE: How to Add the eReserves Feature to a Classroom

If you do not see eReserves under Content > Course Resources, (or Content > Course Overview in the new classroom format), here is how to add it:

1) Go to Existing Activities > External Learning Tools.

External learning tools

2) Under Add Activity, select eReserves.

Add activity and select eReserves


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