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This guide explains how to use Zotero to store and organize your own collection of references and to automatically generate in-text citations and reference lists in various citation styles, including APA and MLA.

Collections & Tags

Items in Zotero libraries can be organized with collections and tags.

  • Collections allow hierarchical organization of items into groups and subgroups. 
  • Tags (often called “keywords”) allow for detailed characterization of an item.

Instructions and information on the following aspects of collections and tags can be found on Zotero's Collections and Tabs page:

  • The Zotero Collections Model
  • Creating Collections
  • Adding Items to Collections
  • Renaming Collections
  • Deleting Collections
  • Removing Items from a Collection
  • Identifying Collections an Item is In
  • Saved Searches
  • Special Collections
  • Recursive Collections
  • The Tag Selector
  • Adding Tags to Items
  • Bulk Editing Tags
  • Colored Tags
  • Automatic Tags