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This guide explains how to use Zotero to store and organize your own collection of references and to automatically generate in-text citations and reference lists in various citation styles, including APA and MLA.

Adding files from your browser

If you've downloaded the Zotero Connector, clicking on the button in your browser window to save an item to Zotero will automatically save its PDF if a PDF is available.

Adding files by dragging and dropping

You can add a file (PDF, Word, etc.) to a reference in Zotero by dragging it from where it's saved on your computer and dropping it onto your selected reference in the center pane of your Zotero library.

Adding files via the attachment menu

You can also add a file (PDF, Word, etc.) to a reference by clicking on its title and then clicking the paperclip icon at the top of the center column. You can then select:

  • Attach Link to URI... to add a link to a web page or to a program on your computer
  • Attach Stored Copy of File...
  • Attach Link to File...

You can also right click on an item's title and then choose Add Attachment to see the attachment options listed above.