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Research Tutorial

Research on the Job

Other Libraries -

  • Visit your local public library or your local state college- they often have online library databases that the general public can use.
  • Your workplace- Check to see if your workplace has a library, or access to certain databases.

Websites -

Networking -

  • Interact with other experts in your field, attending conferences, and so on. Consider joining one or more professional associations in your field (while you’re still in school, you can often join at a reduced student rate).
    • Find professional associations. Try a Google search for association plus keywords for your profession (e.g., nursing, education, computer science)
    • Scholarly journals and trade magazines. You can keep up with ongoing developments in your field of work by subscribing to these journals and magazines, or receiving them as part of your membership in an association.
    • Your workplace might subscribe to key journals and magazines in your field.
    • Some journals are free online. For free online journals, check the Directory of Open Access Journals.
    •  Institutional repositories, in which university libraries and other organizations collect and publish research, are another avenue for accessing research online for free.
  • Social Networks
    • Connect online with other experts in your field through social media. Facebook, Twitter, and other websites are not just for fun; people use them to share and produce knowledge for work. Search the social media sites that you regularly use to find others in your field of work. Similarly, the websites of professional associations often provide a platform for you to connect with other experts online. Information gathering and knowledge creation are accomplished in communities! Use social media to work with others to ask questions, find answers, and contribute to vital conversations in your field.
    • LinkedIn allows you to connect and develop professional relationships with peers and colleagues, search and apply for jobs, and get updates on companies and professional topics of interest to you.