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Marketing: Search Tips

A Library Research Guide

Conducting Marketing-Related Research

Search Tips for Marketing

Choose keywords that represent the main concept(s) of your research topic. Then, as needed:

  • Use AND
    This will narrow your search, since search results will include only documents that contain all of the words linked by AND.
  • Use OR
    This will broaden your search, since search results will include documents that contain any of the words linked by OR. Terms linked by OR should be put between parentheses.  
  • Use quotation marks
    This will find documents that contain the exact phrase placed between the quotation marks.
  • Use * (an asterisk)
    This will find various endings of the word fragment before the *. For example, searching for market* will find documents containing marketmarketsmarketing, etc. Note that you can use an asterisk in a phrase enclosed in quotation marks.
Sample search:  "market* strateg*" AND cigarette* AND (teen* OR adolescent*

Found too many results?

  • Add more keywords, using AND
    If you find that you are retrieving too many results, add more keywords to reflect additional concepts related to your topic.
Sample search:  "market* strateg*" AND cigarette* AND (teen* OR adolescent*AND "united states"

Found too few results?

  • Add more keywords, using OR
    If you are having trouble finding enough results, add synonyms or related terms for terms already used in your search statement. 
Sample search:  "market* strateg*" AND (cigarette* OR smoking OR tobacco) AND (teen* OR adolescent*

Locate and Evaluate Scholarly Articles

Scholarly articles defined; using the library to find scholarly articles; evaluating an article based on its citation; locating full text articles; evaluating a full text article

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