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Nursing: Nursing and Related Journals

A Library Research Guide

Nursing and Related Journals

A good place to start your research is in the library database CINAHL Complete. CINAHL Complete contains articles from major nursing journals such as:

  • American Journal of Critical Care
  • Clinical Journal Journal of Oncology Nursing
  • Pediatric Nursing

and many more. CINAHL also contains other excellent sources to use in a research project, such as healthcare journals related to nursing.

In CINAHL Complete, do a keyword search for your research topic, but do not limit your search to a particular journal or journals. That will make finding articles too hard. Do a general keyword search, and from the list of articles that the database retrieves, choose articles that contain ideas and facts about your topic, which you can use in your research project.

Here's an example of a keyword search in CINAHL Complete:

sample keyword search