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Artificial Intelligence

This guide is created for the UMGC community, with resources and information about Artificial Intelligence that can help students, faculty, and the greater community.

AI and Images

AI-generated images bring a whole new dimension to the fields of art, photography, advertising, design . . .

Questions arise about how to cite AI-generated images, and also about the ethical and even legal implications of AI accessing the work of visual artists online and using it, not necessarily with permission, as the basis for AI-generated art.

The University of Victoria Libraries has put together a useful guide to AI and images. The guide addresses how to cite AI-generated images in APA and other styles, as well as licensing and technical details of popular AI-art tools like DALL-E 2.


This guide was created by Julie Harding and Robert Miller, UMGC Library. 

Parts of this guide are adapted (with changes) or reused from a guide created by Bronte Chiang at the University of Calgary. The University of Calgary guide is under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.