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Request and Intake Process for UMGC Archives

The UMGC Archives collects and houses items of permanent, historical, and/or administrative value per UMGC Policy 240.50. The ultimate goal of the Archives is to create a permanent, living record of the historical heritage of the University's unique role in the development and evolution of continuing and adult education.  Regular transfers of physical and digital material from all divisions and departments are crucial to completing and preserving the history of the University.

Collection Schedule

Semester Collection (spring, summer, fall):

  • School of Arts and Sciences
  • School of Business
  • School of Cybersecurity and Information Technology
  • UMGC Europe
  • UMGC Asia
  • Communications
  • Student Affairs

Biannual (twice a year) Collection (spring, fall):

  • Alumni
  • Commencement
  • Human Resources
  • Procurement

Annual Collection (summer):

  • The President’s Office
  • Legal Services
  • Diversity
  • Security
  • Facilities Management

Request Process

Department heads or designees for each of the departments listed above will be contacted following the above schedule to request transfer of materials to the Archives. Appendix 1 contains an email template for this purpose. Recipients will be directed to the UMGC Archives Collection Development Guidelines for information on the types of materials that should be included or excluded.

The archives staff will send an acknowledgement after the transfer has been completed.

Processing Schedule

The items collected from the departments will be accessioned in order of arrival and will be taken to the Archives to be integrated into the appropriate collection. 

Due to department crossover, not all items received from a department will necessarily reside in that department’s collection.  If an item does not fit in a department collection it will be dispersed into the collection most proper for it. 

Not all items will be kept, and the Archives stall will determine if an item is to be deaccessioned and disposed of following appropriate guidelines. 

Appendix 1: Email Template

[Department Name/Department Head’s Name],

In accordance with UMGC policy 240.50 and the agreed upon schedule of archival material collection, Archives will coordinate the collection of the designated material to be placed in the Archives by [date].

As you know, the Archives is charged with preserving a record of the history of the university and it is essential that you help preserve a history of your activities and achievements in the Archives.

We accept both physical and digital items. If you have questions about what should be included, please see our Collection Development Guidelines.

We will reach out on an [semester/biannual/annual] basis to ensure continuous archival development and partnership between our departments.

We look forward to working with you. Thank you in advance!