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This page is meant to facilitate donations of Shared Governance items, and to further develop the Shared Governance Collection.

Shared Governance Collection

At University of Maryland Global Campus, advisory councils were established to represent the interests of students, faculty, and staff. Each advisory council works directly with and through a senior UMGC official to bring about change in response to issues brought to the councils by their constituencies.

The university's shared governance structure ensures that its key stakeholders—students, faculty, and staff—have the opportunity to communicate with the university's leaders and bring issues to their attention.

In an effort to preserve the legacy of each arm of the Shared Governance at UMGC, the Archives has developed the Shared Governance Collection:

The Shared Governance Structure is composed of:

  1. Student Advisory Council: The Student Advisory Council serves as an information network for its constituents. The Student Advisory Council meets periodically with the University's senior academic officers to address issues of concern to UMGC students.
  2. Academic Advisory Board: The Academic Advisory Board serves as an advisory body committed to providing advice that is representative of the view of faculty constituencies across the university for the purpose of improving the academic experience at UMGC. The Academic Advisory Board advises the Provost, Vice Provosts, and any others designated by the Provost on faculty and academic matters and UMGC's research agenda.
  3. Global Staff Advisory Council: The Global Staff Advisory Council serves as a worldwide communication link between the staff and the President on matters of concern to UMGC staff. The Council meets periodically with the Vice President for Human Resources to advise on issues of concern to UMGC employees.

Shared Governance Donations

If you would like to donate any meeting minutes, newsletters, etc. from your Shared Governance Board please use this link:

Shared Governance Collection