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PDF Viewer Test

Step 1: PDF Viewer Test

Does a test PDF document which says "Congratulations" appear below?     

You do not have a PDF viewer installed or set properly.  Please see below.

No? You'll need to enable your browser's PDF viewer.  Google your browser's name and PDF Viewer (for example, chrome pdf viewer) for instructions for your browser.  When you update your settings, then reload this page and see if the test document now appears.  

Step 2: Third Party Cookie Test

Does your browser have third party cookies enabled?
If you can see the test PDF document above but still cannot view PDFs of ebooks or articles, you may need to enable 3rd party cookies.  Click this link to find out if they are enabled:
Third-party cookies test 

No?  See how to enable cookies and change the setting so that your browser does NOT block third party cookies.    Then try accessing the ebook or article again and see if it now appears.  

Still Cannot View PDF Readings?

Contact the Library if your browser has passed both of the tests above but you still cannot access PDF readings.  Please let us know what database you are in and what reading you are trying to access.  


Note about PDF Viewers

Most current browsers have their own built-in PDF viewers.  You can also Get Adobe Reader and configure your browser to use it as the PDF viewer.