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OneSearch 2.0!

What is OneSearch 2.0?

All of the University System of Maryland Libraries have migrated to a new library system that is powered by Ex Libris' Primo system. The new system allows you to discover resources and materials in various formats in the UMGC and University System of Maryland (USMAI) collections. OneSearch 2.0 may look different but it will discover everything you found in the previous OneSearch, plus many more resources. We value your feedback as we continue to refine the look and feel of the new system, so please click the "Tell us what you think" link to give us your feedback. Note: your saved records from the classic OneSearch can still be recovered. See "What about my saved records?" below!

What's new?

  • OneSearch 2.0 is more streamlined than the previous service, and contains a larger number of results. It is a Proquest product but still searches all of your favorite EBSCO databases.
  • The Library catalog also has a new interface, called USMAI Book Search, which is available on the Books page. 
  • Journal Titles, our tool for locating electronic journals, is incorporated into OneSearch 2.0.  
  • New features!  You will notice more features, such as:
    • Faster Searching: You can save time by searching nearly all the library’s collections or choose to just search for newspapers, articles, or ebooks separately. 
    • Easier Discovery: You can uncover resources through virtual title browsing and citation trails, and you can find open access and peer reviewed resources more easily.
    • Personalized Search Experience: You can log in to save your favorite searches, mark items for later use and easily export records to citation management systems.
    • Mobile-friendliness: The user interface allows researchers to perform all functions using their mobile device.

There will be a link to the "Classic OneSearch" until August 5. This will give you an opportunity to still use the old system, while getting used to the new one. 

What about my saved records or bookmarks?

If you have previously saved records in your OneSearch EBSCO account, you will still be able to access these from any EBSCO database.

If you have saved bookmarks to library pages they will still work, but OneSearch booksmarks may not. In this case you may have to create new bookmarks.

What if I need help with the new system?

As you learn your way around the new system, the library will provide helpful videos, and you can always Ask a Librarian for help. For more information on how to use the new OneSearch 2.0, see What is OneSearch?