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Firewall Issues

The problem:
Firewall restrictions can sometimes prevent you from logging in to Library resources, resulting in a blank screen or a SAML error message after you log in. Some military installations and corporate networks, in particular, have tight firewall restrictions that cause this problem.

Am I being blocked by a firewall?

Please try the following:

  1. First, check your browser.
    Run the Browser Test and verify that your browser has cookies and Javascript enabled.
  2. Then try our firewall test. 
    1. Click this FIREWALL TEST link. (Enter your MyUMGC credentials, if prompted.)
    2. Do you then get taken to a page which says "Login successful"? If so, then your access is OK.
    3. If you get a blank page or a SAML error message, there may be a firewall blocking your access.
  3. Try another browser on your computer.
    For example, if you are using Internet Explorer, try Firefox or Chrome. Does the same thing happen?
  4. If possible, try another computer on the same network.
    Does that computer also have the same issue?
  5. Still unable to get in?
    If you cannot log into our proxy server, you may have restricted access.

OK, I appear to be blocked. What can I do?

  1. At home or on your own computer? Adjust your firewall settings.
    You may be able to "whitelist" or add a "firewall exception" for the Library server. Check the documentation for your security software about how to do this. Your firewall needs to allow access to the following:
    • Domain:
      IP address:
      Ports: 80 and 443
  2. At work?  Contact your network administrator. 
    You might try contacting your network administrator and asking them to allow firewall access to the Library server, and give them this information:
    • Domain:
      IP address:
      Ports: 80 and 443
  3. Do you have access to a computer on a different network?
    For example, if you cannot get in at work, can you get in at home? 
  4. Do you have wireless access?
    If you have a wireless device, can you access UMGC Library databases from it? You might try a hotspot connection (if available) or connect through your wireless carrier.
  5. If at a military installation:
    • Try your service branch point of contact at the installation.
      You might try your service branch point of contact at the installation and see if they can work to allow access to the Library server.  Here is the information that will be needed about the server:  
      • Domain:
        IP address:
        Ports: 80 and 443   
    • Are there any less restricted areas around?
      Depending on the location, some areas of the base – library or recreation areas - may not be as tightly locked down.
    • Does the installation have a library?
      If so, check with the base librarian to see what kinds of resources s/he may know about.
    • Try the MWR Digital Library (from Military OneSource)
      The MWR Digital Library is available to military members and their families and offers a number of very useful resources, including Academic OneFile, Britannica Academic, Gale Online Resources (which include a number of research databases), as well as EBSCO eBook and Gale eBook collections.
  6. Try free search services.
    Sometimes services, such as the following, will link to free versions of articles. 
  7. Found an article you need, but cannot access it?
    Let us know what article you need and that you are at a location with restricted access. We will try to find a copy and e-mail it to you.

Need further assistance?
Ask a Librarian!