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Find It FAQ

What is Find It?

As you search some of the databases, you may encounter a "Find It" button find it for articles that are not available in full text in a particular database. If you click on the "Find It" button, you may find a link to a database or journal website where the article is available in full text.  If the item is not available in full text in any of our library resources, there will be a link to request it via DocumentExpress.  

Find It menu when full text is available in other databases:

FInd It menu when full text is available


Find It menu when full text is not available and it gives the option to request the item though DocumentExpress:

Find It menu when full text is not available

Why isn't there a full text link for my article?

When the full text link is absent, it means either that the UMGC Library does not subscribe to the full text version or that Find it can't link to the full text yet. You can use the Request it from DocumentExpress link to request a copy through DocumentExpress. If you see an Internet link for a journal in the catalog and are not able to access the journal, the UMGC Library may still subscribe to it. Please Ask a Librarian for assistance.

Why are there multiple links for full text?

Sometimes, the UMGC Library gets full text for a journal from several databases, so we link to all of them. That way, if one of the databases happens to be down, you can access the full text from another.

When I click on the link to full text, the article isn't there. What happened?

A full text link might not work because:

  • The full text may not be online yet if it's a recently published article. Often citations are placed into databases before the full text is available.
  • There was a typo or error in the citation. Find it uses the citation information to link to the article. If there's incorrect information in the citation, Find it won't be able to link properly to the full text. If this is the case, Find it may instead link to the journal publisher's website and you can search for the article there.
  • Access to the article may have recently changed from full text to citation only.

Please report any problems you encounter by filling out the library resource problem report form.

Sometimes when I click on a full text link, I end up on the journal's home page or the table of contents. Why don't I link directly to the article?

Find it will get you as close as possible to the article you want. Sometimes, the e-journal won't let you link to a specific article, so Find it drops you off at the table of contents or the home page of the journal. You can then navigate the journal's page to get to the article you want.