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Additional UMGC ebook collections
These must be searched individually and include:

Ebooks within library databases
A number of library databases include ebooks and book chapters.  Some will allow you to limit your search to "book," "book chapter," "book entry," or "reference book". 

Selected ebook collections on the Web

How do I link to an ebook?

See E-Resources:Linking to Ebooks and Journal Articles for instructions on linking to different ebook collections.

How do I search the UMGC Ebook Collection (on EBSCO)?

You can use the search box provided on the Ebooks tab of the Library's home page, or click Advanced Search for more options, where you can perform title, author, subject, and full text searching.

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How do I view an ebook online?

Click the PDF Full Text link to view the ebook online, using EBSCO's eBook Viewer.  The table of contents will appear on the left.  Click the title of the chapter or section you want and the content will appear on the right.

PDF Full Text

EBSCO eBook Viewer

How do I download an ebook to my computer for offline use?

How do I download an ebook to a mobile device?

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