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UMGC Archives Donation Submission Agreement

Property rights. By clicking submit I hereby donate the materials described in the attached Accession Record to the University of Maryland Global Campus for inclusion in the University College Archives, a part of the University College Information and Library Services department.  As sole owner of these materials, I donate physical and/or digital ownership of them to the University of Maryland Global Campus, which shall occur upon delivery to the University’s authorized representative.  However, the donor, their heirs, and their estate shall retain title to such literary property rights (copyright) as they may possess.

Preservation and access. The materials shall be preserved, organized, and made available for research in accordance with University College Archives access and use policies.  At any time thereafter, the donor shall be permitted to examine any of the materials upon making an appointment with a University Archives representative.  In addition, materials required for the reprinting of a title will be loaned to the publisher as requested in writing by the donor or their heirs or their estate.  Materials may also be made available for exhibitions or special needs of the donor.

Display. The University of Maryland Global Campus is authorized to display any donated materials in non-profit exhibitions both on and off campus.  Materials may also be used to illustrate exhibition catalogs and University publications.

Disposal. The University of Maryland Global Campus is authorized to dispose of any duplicate or inappropriate material in the collection which it determines have no permanent value or historical interest.  If so desired, such materials as specified will be returned to the Donor.

Authority to donate. I represent and warrant that I am the sole owner of the materials described above and that I have full right, power, and authority to give the materials mentioned above to the University of Maryland Global Campus. I have read all terms and conditions of this Deed of Gift and agree to them as indicated by my signature below.

Copyright. If applicable, I understand the sections on copyright and acknowledge that the information I have provided is accurate.

Thank you! The UMGC Archives, on behalf of the University of Maryland Global Campus, gratefully acknowledges receipt of this gift and agrees to the stipulations outlined above.