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NURS 410: Library Research: Researching your PICOT question

Researching your PICOT question

To find six primary (evidence-based) research articles that you can use for your PICOT assignment, try searching in these library databases:

Whichever database you choose, enter basic keywords that relate to your PICOT question. Connect the keywords using AND. For example, if your PICOT question is about meditation as an intervention for cancer patients, enter this search:

meditation AND cancer AND patients

Your PICOT question might be pretty specific: for example, it might be about guided visualization meditation for lung cancer patients. But probably no articles have been written about that very specific type of meditation for that particular type of cancer. So just keep your search more basic and more general: meditation AND cancer AND patients. Articles that you find with that basic search will still be useful, even if your PICOT question is more specific.

You can also use OR in a search--use it along with parentheses. OR expands your search to find more articles. For example, this search broadens the concept of meditation to include mindfulness:

(meditation OR mindfulness) AND cancer AND parentheses

Remember, when you do a search, look for articles that are 5 years old or less, and look for articles that are primary (evidence based) research articles.

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