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Anthropology: Search Tips

A Library Research Guide

Search Tips for Anthropology

Choose keywords that represent the main concepts of your research topic. Then, as needed:

  • Use AND
    This strategy will narrow your search. 
  • Use OR
    This strategy will broaden your search. Put words linked by OR inside parentheses.
  • Use quotation marks
    Using quotation marks will ensure that the database finds results that use that exact phrase.
  • Use * 
    The * symbol tells the database to search for alternative word endings, for example: cultur* will search for culture, cultures, cultural
cultur* AND indigenous AND (Amazon OR Brazil)

Found too many results?

  • Add more keywords, using AND 

To be sure a database includes all of your keywords in a search, use AND between them:

Sample search: "thick description" AND Geertz

Found too few results?

  • Still experiencing issues? Try including OR to expand your results. Include additional related keywords:
("thick description" OR ethnography) AND Geertz


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