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Turnitin Instructions for UMGC Students

Integrated Turnitin

Turnitin is integrated in assignment folders in LEO Classrooms. For assignments where Turnitin is enabled, you will see your results without going to a separate website. You can find more information at the Turnitin FAQ.

To view a Turnitin report prior to submitting an assignment

To view a Turnitin report prior to submitting an assignment or paper for grading, you have two options, depending on the setup of your classroom: 

  1. If there is a draft folder in your classroom, you can submit your work there and get a Turnitin report.  
  2. If there is no draft folder, you can submit your work early to the assignment folder and then resubmit prior to the deadline when your assignment is ready for grading. Your professor will grade your last submission prior to the deadline.  

If you are not sure, you can ask your professor.  

How to find your Turnitin Similarity Score

What does my similarity score mean?
See Interpreting the Similarity Report.

If your instructor has enabled Turnitin for your assignment:

  1. After you submit your assignment, you will see your submission listed in the “Completion Status” column. Click on your submission.
    Completion Status
  2. This will take you to the Submission History. You will see your assignment with the Turnitin Similarity Score and color-coded bar. Click on the color-coded bar to review the Similarity Report. This will take you to the Feedback Studio in a separate screen.
    Note:  You will likely see results within a minute or two after you submit your assignment. Allow up to 15 minutes just in case the server is experiencing any delays.
    Turnitin Similarity Score
    If you do not see the Turnitin Similarity column, your instructor may not have enabled Turnitin for this assignment.  Please check with your instructor if you have a question.
  3. You can view the match score and the matching sources using the “red” icons in the righthand side panel. It will also highlight the matching text in your document. If your instructor has enabled e-rater for your assignment, you will have access to grammar and spellcheck feedback immediately upon submission. Information about e-rater can be found at Accessing e-rater feedback.
    Match Overview


How can I know from the Similarity Report if a paper is acceptable?

Any matching or highly similar text discovered is detailed in the Similarity Report that is available in the assignment inbox.  Similarity Reports provide a summary of matching or highly similar text found in a submitted paper. It is perfectly natural for an assignment to match against some of the sources in our database. If you've used quotes and referenced correctly, there will be instances where we will find a match and that is totally OK!  Below are some factors that may cause similarity scores that are considered acceptable, as well as some that are considered unacceptable.  

Acceptable similarity factors 

  • Quoted statements (using quotation marks) followed by an appropriate citation.  
  • Appropriate in-text citations  
  • Similarities in reference/works cited/bibliography format 
  • Small, short patches of text (i.e., less than a sentence or a short sentence)  that may reasonably be found in other submissions 

Unacceptable similarity factors 

  • Statements that are directly quoted but not properly cited (requires quotation marks and an in-text citation) 
  • Statements that are not quoted but appear as a direct quote from another source 
  • Chunks of text that have been copied and pasted from an external source (website, book, etc.), usually due to a student’s lack of knowledge on a given topic 
  • Similarity that indicates use of another student’s paper, usually found on an unauthorized website 
  • Reuse of a student’s own paper (unless otherwise approved by your instructor) 

There is no set cutoff score that indicates whether a paper is “acceptable,” but the balance of acceptable and unacceptable types of similarity are considered in the overall review of the Turnitin similarity report. When most or all of the similarity comes from unacceptable factors and there is frequent similarity throughout the paper, it is a signal that revision is needed to create more original work. 

How to view instructor feedback (if applicable)

For help understanding how to use the feedback you see from your instructor, learn from the Incorporating Feedback Guide from the Effective Writing Center.

  1. When your instructor has provided you feedback, you will see that noted on your Submission History screen. You can view your instructor’s feedback by clicking on “View Turnitin GradeMark” under Inline Feedback or by accessing the Instructor Feedback from the blue “bubble” icon in the righthand side panel in the Feedback Studio. You will see your instructor’s overall feedback in the “text comment” box.
    ** Please note that you will not use the rubric in the Feedback Studio. You will use the rubric in your LEO classroom. **
    View Turnitin GradeMark

    Overall comment:
    Instructor feedback with text comment
  2. Other types of feedback can include:
    • Voice Comments. Your instructor may leave you a personalized voice comment on your assignment. You can access the voice comment by clicking on the blue “bubble” icon and clicking on the triangular “play” icon in the voice comment box. You can pause the recording by clicking the “pause” icon in the voice comment box.
      Voice comments - play and pause icons
    • Embedded comments. You may also see instructor feedback on your document pertaining to specific pieces of text. This can be in the form of comments written directly on your document or in some instances, your instructor may strike through pieces of text if it should be removed or reconsidered.
      Instructor comment in your document
    • QuickMarks. Instructors may create a library of frequently used comments called “QuickMarks” that will usually be a word or short phrase and that can be attached to a highlighted piece of text or that may be used to provide general feedback about the assignment. Click on the “QuickMark” to open a text box with more detailed information from your instructor. QuickMark
    • Bubble comments. Bubble comments may be connected to highlighted pieces of text. Click on the blue “bubble” icon to read your instructor’s feedback.
      Bubble comment

Informaton about your submission

  1. You can download a digital receipt of your submission, your originally submitted file, or the current view of your file by clicking on the gray “download” icon in the righthand side panel.Download options
  2. You can view information about your submission by clicking on the gray “information” icon in the righthand side panel.
    Information icon

Need help?

UMGC’s Technical Support is prepared to help faculty and students with integrated Turnitin. Contact them first in any situation where you are having a problem.