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Library Newsletter - Fall 2017

Electronic Resources News

The UMUC Library recently made available an enhanced version of Nursing Reference Center (called Nursing Reference Center Plus), which provides core measures, nursing management & leadership topics with CEUs, nursing care plans, nursing informatics, risk management, and videos.

LexisNexis, the vendor for the current LexisNexis Academic (LNA) database, will discontinue LNA in 2017 and replace with Nexis Uni. The UMUC Library will make the switch to Nexis Uni in December 2017. For more information, please see the Lexis Uni site.

UMGC Library Staff News

Various members of the UMUC Library staff have published and presented in a variety of venues over the past year.


  • Lenore England, Assistant Director, Electronic Resources Management, with Randy Lowe (Frostburg State University) and Erica Owusu (Acquisitions & Licensing Coordinator, USMAI), published “Incubator for the USMAI Consortial Governance ERM Framework – Updates to the September 2017 ERM Ideas and Innovations Column” in the ERM Ideas and Innovations Column of the Journal of Electronic Resources Librarianship (2017).
  • Melissa Foge, Reference and Instruction Librarian, Julie Harding, Assistant Director, Public Services, and Stephen Miller, Associate Vice Provost, UMUC Library, published "ERM Ideas & Innovations: ERM Issues in the Adoption of No-cost Resources for Students" in the Journal of Electronic Resources Librarianship (2017).
  • Robert Miller, Reference and Instruction Librarian, published "Internet Resources: Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts" in College and Research Library News (2017).


  • Lenore England with Rick Davis (Towson University), Randy Lowe (Frostburg State University), and Heidi Schroeder (Michigan State University): Leveraging Library Consortia: Developing a Shared E-Resources Collection & Improving Vendor E-Resource Accessibility. Presented at the Charleston Library Conference, Charleston, SC (November 2017).
  • Sandi Friedman (George Washington University) and Robert MillerResearch-to-Writing: Helping Students Integrate Sources into a Research Project. Presented at the Maryland Library Association and Delaware Library Association joint conference, Cambridge, MD (2017).
  • Dan Gallagher, Director, Effective Writing Center, Ed O'Donnell. Reference and Instruction Librarian, and Ryan Shepard, Reference and Instruction Librarian: Academic Honesty is the Best Policy: Responsible Use of Research. Presented for UMUC Faculty Development Online Webinar.
  • Julie Harding and Neal Pomea, Reference and Instruction Librarian: Textbook-Free: Open Educational Resources at UMUC. Presented at Bridging the Spectrum: The Ninth Annual Symposium on Scholarship and Practice, at The Catholic University of America School of Information Science, Washington, DC (2017).
  • Lindley Homol (Northeastern University), Robert Miller, and Cynthia ThomesEliminating for-cost Textbooks: The Library as Key Campus Player. Poster presented at the Association of College & Research Libraries conference, Baltimore, MD (2017).
  • Stephen MillerInformation Literacy in a Post-Fact World. Presented for UMUC Online Faculty Development Conference (2017).
  • Stephen Miller:  Open Educational Resources at University of Maryland University College. Presented for Northern Virginia Community College online faculty development conference (2017).
  • Stephen MillerHeather Blicher (Northern Virginia Community College), and Kim Grewe (Northern Virginia Community College): Open Educational Resources. Presentation for faculty at Howard County Community College, Columbia, MD (2017).
  • Chris Moua, Reference and Instruction Librarian, and Stephen MillerFake News/News Literacy. Presented for UMUC Faculty Development Lunch and Learn Online Webinar (2017).
  • Ed O'Donnell: Using UMUC's Database Tools. Presented for UMUC Faculty Development Online Webinar (2017).
  • Cynthia Thomes: Systematic Reviews and Evidence-Based Research. Presented at Bridging the Spectrum: The Ninth Annual Symposium on Scholarship and Practice, Catholic University of America, Washington, DC (2017).
  • Cynthia Thomes: Publish your Research: Tips for Finding the Right Journal. Targeted webinar for UMUC Faculty Development(2017).

Other Accomplishments of Note

  • Renee Brown has been promoted to serve as UMUC Archivist. If you would like a tour of the Archives or would like to donate something to our collections, reach out to her at: Be sure to visit the University Archives site.
  • Lenore England was appointed as a trustee of Library Pipeline Innovation in Libraries Chapter of the Awesome Foundation, to “provide a catalyst for prototyping both technical and non-technical library innovations that embody the principles of diversity, inclusivity, creativity, and risk-taking.”
  • Melissa Foge was promoted to Librarian I after serving as Library Associate.
  • Julie Harding was promoted to Librarian IV.
  • Cynthia Thomes received an ACRL 2017 mid-career librarian scholarship award to attend the ACRL conference in March.

State of the Archives

Renee Brown has been promoted to University Archivist.  She’s worked tirelessly to organize, process, and promote the collections in the Archives and really deserves this honor. We are happy she is able to focus fully on the Archives now, and expect to see great things coming from it in the near future. 

What’s new in the Archives?  Well, the University Archives is getting a chance to share some of its treasures with the wider UMUC community via The MAX. The MAX (aka: The Mobile Archives Experience) is a pop up display that features some items from the Archives (including photos of the Honey Bucket, and the Pope) on one side, and a timeline of UMUC’s development and various historical photos on the other. It was unveiled on June 8th, 2017 at the Alumni Reception and Awards Dinner and included a table featuring some of the treasures. Currently, the MAX is in Largo I, and after that it will be moving to various UMUC locations over the next year. Keep your eye out for it! 

In early September we'll see the digitization of the Marylander. The Marylander was the school newspaper prior to UMUC leaving College Park. It continued after UMUC became a standalone school and focused mostly on overseas news and events. 

We are also in the process of uploading our collection of European yearbooks to make them available online to alumni. If you have any old yearbooks you’d like to donate, please let us know!  We would love to have them.

The staff is also busy unpacking boxes from Europe that have been in storage for over ten years. These boxes were packed by Denise Sokolowski (the European Librarian) and we cannot thank her enough for taking the time to make sure this irreplaceable collection was sent to us. As we sort these boxes we are moving them into relevant collections. Some of them might even be digitized and made available online.

Archives Interesting Fact:  Did you know that UMUC was the first school to award a graduate degree in Bermuda?  We were!

If you’d like to keep up with the Archives (or donate items), look for us on Engage.

For Our Faculty

Library Liaisons

The UMUC Library provides library liaison services to UMUC faculty. We welcome the opportunity to work closely with faculty to provide tailored library services for individual classes, whether it be visiting your online or face-to-face class, assisting in adding information literacy components to specific course assignments or projects, or providing handouts or online resources customized to your discipline or current course topic. Library liaisons have been actively involved in The Undergraduate School's e-resource project by providing assistance in locating open access e-resources. Please keep the liaison librarians in mind when you have library related questions, need extra help with research, or need instruction on how to use our resources.

The Graduate School

  • Business and Management (BAM)
    • Master of Business Administration
      Cynthia Thomes (240-684-2046)
    • Management, Accounting, and Finance
      Neal Pomea (240-684-2042)
  • Cybersecurity and Information Assurance (CIA)
    Ed O'Donnell (240-684-2041)
  • Doctoral Programs Department
    Cynthia Thomes (240-684-2046)
  • Education (ED)
    Christine Moua (240-684-2503)
  • Graduate Learning Initiatives (GLI)
    Julie Harding (240-684-2023)
  • Information and Technology Systems (ITS)
    Megan A. Davis (240-684-2027)

The Undergraduate School

  • Business and Professional Programs (BAPP)
    Ed O'Donnell (240-684-2041)
  • Communication, Arts, and Humanities (COMM)
    Melissa Foge (240-684-2884)
  • Computer Information Systems and Technology (CITE)
    • Computer and Information Science, Computer Science, Digital Media and Web Technology, Information Systems Management, Software Development and Security
      Ryan Shepard (240-684-2045)
    • Computer Networks and Cybersecurity
      Ed O'Donnell (240-684-2041)
  • Sciences Programs (SCIP)
    Robert Miller (240-684-2036)

Center for Innovation in Learning & Student Success


Please complete the Faculty Request for Library Instruction form to schedule one or more sessions for your classes.

Need instruction but don't have time to schedule a facilitated session? Consider adding a stand-alone instruction module to your online classroom. Please contact your library liaison for more information.

Questions? Comments? Need more information? Please contact Julie Harding, Assistant Director, Public Services, or the UMUC Library.

We look forward to working with you!