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Journal Titles

Looking for a specific journal? See if we have it.

Journal Titles

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  • Basic search 
    If you know the name of the journal you are looking for, enter the journal title or ISSN.
    ISSNs can be entered with or without a dash.  For example, 0363-7425 or 03637425 would work.  
  • Advanced search
    If you want to browse available journals by subject, provider (publisher), or name, click Advanced Search.

The results will display links to resources in which the journal is available in full text, as well as the dates for which issues are available. Peer reviewed journals are indicated.    

Screenshot of Journal list results page displaying "get full text" links available for a specific journal

Later titles
You may see a journal name that has no links under it but indicates a later title.  Click the link to the later title to see if it is available.

Screenshot of a Journal list result showing a "Later title" link

If a journal you need is not available
If you are looking for a particular article from a journal that is not available, log into DocumentExpress and submit an Article request.  We will try to obtain it for you (at no charge).  

Screenshot of DocumentExpress article request page that displays some required information fields