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Faculty Request for Library Instruction Guidelines

The UMGC Library supports the educational mission of UMGC by:

  • Educating students, faculty, and staff in the use of library and information resources and services, emphasizing the critical importance of information literacy knowledge and skills for success in today's information-rich world,
  • Partnering with the School of Arts and Sciences, the School of Business, the School of Cybersecurity and Information Technology, and UMGC faculty worldwide to promote and embed information literacy within the curriculum, and
  • Developing and managing extensive online library resources and user-centered services for UMGC students, faculty, and staff worldwide.

Library instruction is one of the ways that the UMGC Library meets these goals. As a UMGC faculty member, you can arrange a visit by a librarian for face-to-face library instruction sessions in the MD/DC area and/or your online classroom (stateside/Asia/Europe).

Librarians provide:

  • A modeling of the research process including locating, evaluating, and properly citing resources.
  • Content tailored to the research needs of the class including an understanding of subject-relevant library resources and services.
  • Reinforcement of the learning via an active learning exercise.
  • Opportunities for student/librarian interaction to answer questions and provide individualized feedback on the active learning exercise.
  • Online library instruction sessions that are usually scheduled for a week, although a longer time can be scheduled based on your class needs.

Instructor's role:

  • Updating your course syllabus to include the library instruction session in your course schedule.
  • Posting an announcement on the first day of the session expressing your expectations of the value of the session to your students, identifying the skills and information that they will gain from it, and introducing the librarian by name.
  • Requiring an active learning exercise and, if possible, assigning grade points (e.g., as part of the participation or project grade) to reinforce what is being learned. This exercise can be a partnership with the librarian providing the exercise and feedback to each student who completes the exercise and you tracking student participation and assigning the grades.  
  • Reading the student postings and the librarian’s responses, including the exercise, and comment as you see fit for the duration of the session. This demonstrates that you are also present and that the session’s activities are important.

When to schedule a class visit

  • The best time for a library session is after a research assignment has been assigned and students have chosen their topics. Students are more likely to be motivated to learn about research resources at the point of need.
  • Please request a session early in the semester to reserve your preferred date(s) using the instruction request form. It may not be possible, depending on scheduling, to meet requests submitted less than two weeks before the class session.
  • A face-to-face library instruction session should be held in a computer lab so that students can actively reinforce their learning through hands-on practice (searching databases, etc.). If your class cannot meet in a computer lab, please request an online instruction session instead.  The instruction will take place in your online classroom and will be facilitated by a librarian.
  • For face-to-face classes please talk to your Program Director first to ensure that the use of a computer lab has been included in the department’s budget.
  • There is no charge for the librarian to work with your class.

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