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Troubleshooting Broken EZProxy Links in Your Classroom

As part of our transition from UMUC to UMGC, some classroom links to library readings (that go through "ezproxy") have broken and need to be updated. Here are some troubleshooting tips.

Make sure the links say 

Find any string that says:  
Change it to: 


Check the following: 

  1. Check after the initial part of the link:

Only change the "" parts of the URL. Do not change other parts of the URL that reference UMUC.  For example:

  1. Associated Press Stylebook:
    Make sure the EZproxy part says umgc but the identifier part says umuc.

  2. ProQuest Ebook Central:  
    Make sure that the identifier still says /umuc.

  3. GALE:   
    Make sure the EZproxy part says umgc but the identifier part says u=umd_umuc:  

Where do I report broken links? 

If you are a student or a faculty member, you can report broken classroom links to the Help Center.  Please include what class has the broken link and where in the classroom the link is located.  

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